On Beingness and Technology

I think about the potential of technology often. Whether it be artificial intelligence or blockchain, we are facing new found possibilities.

The efficiency is stunning, and the certainty is reassuring — and we have the possibility to try to think with the logic of technology — in a way — we can become reductionists: a belief that each piece serves a specific utility and no more — that the sum of parts is not greater than the whole.

Logical algorithms must assume a complete logical breakdown of systems, while humans can account for the subtle. If a mechanic takes a part a car to each of its pieces, and puts it back together, then it will likely drive again. If the best surgeon takes an animal and tries to dissect it, and put it back together, then obviously it will not live. There is a difference.

Human beings that break problems into their individual pieces and logically pieces them together — this is what computers do, not humans.

To not lose ourselves to technology, we must practice and honor that which is human: wisdom, love and compassion.

The Shadow of Listening

What does it mean to listen? What do we hear? What is it about these sounds that enter our ears, and create countless emotions?

My question for each of us: what do you hear when you listen?

The shadow of being human — and potentially very often with men — is this desire to resolve/give advice/etc. during conversation. 

When you are speaking with someone, what listening habits do you see? Do the words you hear translate to

  • thoughts/memories of your life experience
  • Advice on how to resolve the problem 
  • Judgement of the other
  • Emotional connection of their experience 
  • Something else?

When have you felt heard? When you have not felt heard? When do you think you have heard someone, but they do not feel heard?