How We Almost Lost All of Our Beautiful Kale

Yesterday, Sarika and I had a very busy day. In the rush to get out, we didn’t check up on our garden. We went through the day without a care about our garden. After a late evening, Sarika suggested we take a look at our garden. To our astonishment it looked nearly dead. What were

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The Joy of (Aeroponic) Gardening

Seed + Water + Sun + Nutrients = Growth. Like a boss. Plants grow. It is fascinating and outstanding. You might say, “Well, that is obvious: plants grow. Idiot.” Let’s put this in perspective, the a seeds I planted are the size of a spec (e.g., a basil seed) to a tiny breadcrumb (e.g, tomato

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Tower Garden

Setting Up The Tower Garden

Perhaps it is the “Bill Nye the Science Guy” in me, or that I feel more accomplished making Ikea furniture than most things, but I was excited to put together our Tower Garden. Step 1: What is in the box? There are three key components: The Tank: The tank holds around 20 gallons of high

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Experiment 1: Starting to Garden in NYC

Sarika and I have craved a garden for the past couple of years. We first planned on making one at my parents place, but that was too much work and planning. And, then we had a pot on our windowsill. Lastly, we started visiting community gardens throughout the city admiring them on thinking about moving

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